Wednesday, February 15, 2006

the comments compagnon for Uncommon Descent et al.

You may have experienced moderation on Uncommon Descent, 's blog. Or even editing by , you know, those bold character paragraphs followed by -ds. And maybe you hate that.
Then you are welcome.

Here moderation is prohibited. You must have a Blogger account to comment, that means you aren't quite anonymous and whatever you write down is yours. Nobody will erase or edit it as long as it isn't completely out of focus, i.e. spam or illegal. It's yours mean that you endorse responsibility of what you write.

Please before posting consider the following: This blog's content is under CC Attribution license CC-by, including whatever you write in the comments section.

You have to be member of this blog to make new posts and that's quite easy: send me a request by mail and I'll respond ASAP

There is no selection, natural or of any other kind, of who will be member. Dembski is as welcome as Dawkins.

Feel free to announce your blogs updates, interesting literature etc. Avoid copy/paste if you don't comment/discuss at least as abundantly, this is about fair use and copyrights respect. Always try to provide a link to the original. No need to copy stuff if you provide the link.

If you enjoy the freedom provided please talk about Common Descent to friends and readers of your blog. Help make it a nightmare for those censorship-friendly fellows out there.