Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Brayton vs. Moran

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published: mercredi 22 novembre 2006 21:29:47

More on Larry Moran, the biochemistry professor who wants universities to "flunk the IDiots". He was criticized by Ed Brayton, and now has a post up, at the same claiming that he was just kidding and that he wasn't:

Ed Brayton's opening attack on me refers to my tongue in check suggestion that students who reject evolution should be flunked, or not admitted to university in the first place. Anyone with a brain can recognize the humor and sarcasm in such a remark. The fact that it sets the Intelligent Design Creationists all atwitter is part of the fun.

However, behind the humor is a serious point. If students entering university have already made up their minds that evolution should be rejected, then that's a serious problem. It's not a question of ignorance. Those students have made an active decision to choose superstition over science. Given a choice of students to admit into university science programs, I would choose the ones who show some understanding of science over those who reject one the fundamental facts of biology. Wouldn't Ed?

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