Friday, November 10, 2006

Distinctions Come Into Focus

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published: vendredi 10 novembre 2006 5:09:11

In his recent blog, Bipod makes a very astute observation:

In my view, the authors of Pandas and People were probably constrained to creationist concepts because that is all that was available to them. But the conceptual revolution that took place, and thus the distinctions that are made by ID proponents today, is progress, not deception. Today we are able to distinguish between creationism and intelligent design. Any reasonable person without an agenda or a victory to acheive, should agree that there is a conceptual distinction to be made here. That progress has been made in that last 20 years and rather than ridicule it as conspiracy, perhaps those who are open minded and actually seeking enlightenment (acquisition of fine-grained truth rather than acquisition of victory) can be thankful for the distinction. It can enable us to think more clearly about the issues at hand. Maybe intelligent design is false, but at least now we have the conceptual precision to investigate the question.

Not only is this a very plausible explanation, I think as we look back at the short history of Intelligent Design, we can see the appreciation for this distinction emerge.

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