Monday, November 20, 2006

Ed Brayton takes on Dr. "Flunk the IDiots"

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published: lundi 20 novembre 2006 21:27:56

I may disagree with him from time to time, but make no mistake: Ed Brayton is a man of integrity. Here's what he has to say about Larry Moran, a college professor who advocated flunking ID-friendly students, simply because they were ID-friendly:

I can't tell you how unsettling and disturbing I find this to be. It annoys me to no end when ID advocates portray us pro-science types as enforcers of a "Darwinian orthodoxy" with a zeal to purge all dissent from the ideas we advocate from academia; it is far more disturbing when a few folks on our side of this debate go out of their way to actually match that crude caricature being foisted on us. Nothing good can possibly come from this.

My high school French teacher, a very important influence on my life and my thinking, told me when I graduated that education is the process of disillusionment. When I entered college at 18, I believed all sorts of things that I can now recognize at patently absurd. Did that make me an idiot at 18? Of course not. Yet Moran is here suggesting that universities expel every 18 year old who holds a single position that he considers stupid. I dare say that if Moran himself were judged by those standards at 18 years old, he would never have gone to college at all.

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