Thursday, November 30, 2006

Marburger on ID

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published: jeudi 30 novembre 2006 4:22:21

The White House science adviser, John Marburger, recently spoke on a number of science related issues, including ID. From here:

Many scientists and science organizations have objected to what they perceive to be support within the Administration for "teaching the controversy" between evolution and intelligent design or creationism, noting that there is no scientific controversy because evolution is backed by extensive evidence and research. Marburger stressed that the debate has not affected his office.

"No one is putting pressure on me or suggesting that creationism should be a part of science education - that's ridiculous," he said. "I've never heard this discussed in any - in any - of the meetings or forums or private discussions…that I've ever had with anybody in the White House [or federal agencies]."

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