Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nature, Life and The Golden Section

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published: jeudi 16 novembre 2006 20:27:00

Several times over the years I've seen ID critics say they might begin to take ID seriously if supporters could show some prime number signatures in genomes (or other such stuff, mostly in response to Mike Gene's perennial question: what would it take for you to take a serious look?).

And in truth, a telic view of life (and its genomes) should provide some actual predictability, which the walled-off origins end of Neodarwinism cannot provide. Who can predict anything that's causally random? So I was interested to find that since the many genome sequencing projects have been bearing fruit, and the 'new' science of quantitative genomics seeks algorithms that can provide predictability that's been obviously missing from NDS, that there really is a numerical "signature" in genomes that we're used to seeing in macroscale form/function, but haven't previously sought in the genomes that produce such beauty in nature.

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