Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dawkins is still jumping the shark

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published: samedi 30 décembre 2006 17:14:43

Richard Dawkins has regretted signing and promoting a petition to make religious upbringing illegal. Or, well, sort of. In reality, he only talks about "teaching the Bible as literature" and "teaching comparative religion", which he is in favor of. But at no point does he mention his stand on religious upbringing - where the Bible may be taught as history, and where only the beliefs of one religion is taught. Should that be legal for parents to do?

But that isn't all. In a later comment, Dawkins goes on to claim that "LABELLING children with the religion of their parents is child abuse." Oh yeah? There exists a large body of professional literature on the subject of child abuse. Where are the studies that show that being called a Catholic child or a Muslim child is child abuse? Dawkins often speaks about the importance of science and evidence. So why doesn't he use the scientific method to answer this question?

Update: The petition is still being promoted on Dawkins' website, so it's possible that we're dealing with an imposter.

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