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Developments in the Post-Wedge World

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published: samedi 2 décembre 2006 16:00:35

In our comments section, one TT member noted, "Its not real suprising that when President Bush said he supported teaching intelligent design he was only pandering to social conservatives. Since then, of course, the Dover, Pa. school board was voted out of office, Kitzmiller v. Dover was decided by a conservative Bush appointee, creationists were voted out of power on the Kansas School Board in the GOP primaries, Ohio deep sixed its ID policy, and a bunch of creationists lost in the November elections, the most prominent being Senator Rick Santorum, who couldn't run away from IDism fast enough after Kitzmiller. I'm inclined to agree with the 'Rev. Dr.' Lenny Flank that IDism is dead, dead, dead."

But it depends on what he means by "IDism."

The concept of ID is quite alive and kicking. It has been around for over 2500 hundred years and has experienced a resurgence because of the many ID-friendly discoveries in molecular, cellular, and evolutionary biology. But I agree that the socio-political movement to get some form of ID taught in the schools is dead. Welcome to the post-wedge world, remember?

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