Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sea Urchin Design

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published: jeudi 21 décembre 2006 16:52:51

A colleague wrote [my emphasis]:

The S. purpuratus genome will help us “understand on sight the logic functions they execute in response to the sets of transcription factors in given cells at given times.” “The sea urchin genome will directly contribute to solving the principles of design of gene regulatory networks for embryonic development.” “Such principles can only be obtained by comparing network architecture in different animals developing in similar or different ways.” “The genome will not only provide the ‘code’ for development but will also contribute to linkage between gene regulatory networks and the actual realization of developmental events.” “It remains to connect the genes that execute these functions to the control circuitry that specifies their occurrence.”[1]

1. All quotes in this paragraph are from column 3 on page 939 of Davidson EH. 2006. The sea urchin genome: Where will it lead us? Science 314:939-940.

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