Sunday, December 17, 2006

South Park Got One Thing Wrong

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published: dimanche 17 décembre 2006 18:02:01

I’m reminded why the South Park parody about Dawkins and the New Atheists was so spot on. When Dawkins engages in “consciousness-raising” that is essentially poorly-masked bigotry, labeling religious parents as child abusers and trying to eradicate religion with propaganda that portrays it as evil, why be surprised when Dawkins’ followers take the next step to eliminate this source of evil and abuse by calling for the government to ban religious upbringing?

Where the South Park parody went wrong was in portraying Dawkins as someone who is reasonable. It turns out that Dawkins himself, only a few weeks after kicking off his anti-religion movement, is lobbying the government to make it illegal to take your children to Church. Thus, when we describe Dawkins as a radical extremist, the description is not hyperbole; it is a reality-based, accurate observation.

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