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Templeton Request for “ID” Research Proposals

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published: mercredi 6 décembre 2006 17:01:03

In commentary under the article about predictability of evolution there was some discussion of the Templeton “ID” RFP (request for proposals). I found the whole thing has a dedicated webpage here.

Grants made under the program are listed here.

In short the RFP was on the table from May 2005 to May 2006 and all the grant money was awarded. Since this was a call for both pro and con ID research the actual grants should be examined. In that light I’d like commentary generally restricted to discussion of the awarded grants and whether or not any of them can be fairly characterized as ID research. As you can see here I’m not afraid of exposing the truth. I only insist that it is indeed the verifiable truth.

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Blogger OldCola said...

Have you ask JTF people about ID ?
They seem to be rather allergic to it. You may call their research program pro-ID, but that's just another mistake :-)

6:02 PM  
Blogger OldCola said...

Why not just read what JTF has to say about supporting ID?
Simple enough, isn’t it?

Their position is quite clear.

Assuming that the DI could have some research projects, it seems it isn’t willing to share them with others. Read Chapman’s opinion on that:
“I keep getting asked about the scientific research projects underway that relate to Darwinism and intelligent design. So why aren’t we talking more about them publicly? For several good reasons:

The most important is that the Darwinist establishment would like nothing better than to “out” research programs before they are finished. The idea is to shut down damaging evidence as early as possible. Strangle the infant in the crib. Demand answers now to questions still being explored.
Paranoia? Hardly. There are too many examples of ID scientists and other scholars who have been hassled and harassed by the Darwinist Inquisition” (via

So, one have as much evidence about ID related scientific research going on, as of the existence of the Intelligent Designer and his nature: none

1:04 PM  

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