Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More on “Incompetent Design”

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published: mercredi 17 janvier 2007 18:04:46

Sam Chen posted the inside story on the “Incompetent Design” video that I highlighted here at UD two days ago (go here for Sam’s post). Here’s my favorite quote from Dave Wise (not to be confused with Kurt), the designing intelligence behind this farce:

Branding ID as Incompetent Design involves both humor and grit but avoids direct insult to the opposition, a mistake to be avoided in any political campaign. All the tools of political campaigns should be used: slogans, songs, bumper stickers (”Human skeletal errors: Incompetent Design or Evolution ?”), IDers will attempt to take us off-message with debates on origins of life, thermodynamics, etc., but instead we must continue to pound simple themes of obvious design failures. Science can win this battle only if we recognize this is not a Sunday school debating match but a deadly serious political contest.

That’s right, let’s not get hung up on such trivialities as the origin of life. Wisdom teeth and back pain — that’s the slamdunk evidence for evolution! Yes, and these people get tenure at our universities, at tax-payer expense no less.

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