Friday, January 26, 2007

Same Arguments, Different Movements

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published: vendredi 26 janvier 2007 4:40:55

Here’s Michael Shermer writing in Science Magazine:

The data have spoken. The God Delusion is a runaway bestseller, a market testimony to the hunger many people—far more, I now think, than polls reveal—have for someone in a position of prestige and power to speak for them in such an eloquent voice. Dawkins's latest book deserves multiple readings, not just as an important work of science, but as a great work of literature. (emphasis added)

The God Delusion is “an important work of science?” Isn’t it odd how a popular anti-religious book, which reports no new experiments or data, and was not peer-reviewed, has become an Important Work of Science?

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Blogger E. I. Sanchez said...

The Da Vinci Code might have started the trend that "Book Sales" create truth...

You can read a short article on the God Delusion here:
God Delusion


11:42 PM  

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