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Are intelligent design and string theory equally untestable? Hmmm.

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published: lundi 5 février 2007 5:03:28

The blurb for a book review from Physics Web, copied in the Weekend Edition of Arts and Letters Daily (February 3-4, 2007 ) reads, “String theory and intelligent design belong in the same category as speculative and unproveable. They cannot be falsified.”

One would think, at first, that this was just another yawner denouncing ID. The sort of thing that trips unbidden to the lips of any third rate lecturer who has never considered the possibility that the grade school tales he was told about the  the Viceroy butterflies proving Darwinism by mimicking the Monarchs might not actually be true.

About the falsifiability of intelligent design: A specific hypothesis must be proposed for falsification. I remember replying, more or less as follows, a while back to someone who insisted that ID was unfalsifiable:

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