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How Not to Scientifically Falsify God/gods

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published: lundi 5 février 2007 20:39:27

Physicist Victor J. Stenger wrote a book published late last month entitled God: The Failed Hypothesis, subtitled How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist.

I of course wondered how science shows that God does not exist, and found a summary of Stenger's arguments on his page at University of Colorado. I found that he makes use of what he calls "Impossibility Proofs," a.k.a. convenient fables only fabulists believe. Only a physicist or a philosopher would attempt such a thing, so it's probably fitting that Stenger is an adjunct professor of philosophy at UC. I hope his classes are better than this outline suggests his philosophical reasoning is.

Right there in chapter 1: "Method," Stenger lists a 5-point methodological approach to test and/or falsify a given 'god model'. And he provides what he calls "The Scientific God Model" that serves as the effigy he sets out to knock down with the usual arguments that have been hashed and re-hashed millions of times over thousands of years. They are boring enough not to bother with.

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