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Jesus Camp, ID, and Politics

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published: mardi 6 février 2007 13:00:05

I review Jesus Camp here. Surprisingly (to me, at least) there wasn't any mention of ID in the movie (IIRC, the directors briefly mentioned it in the commentary). As I mention in the post, I felt that most of the things in the movie were highly politicized by the directors. This is unfortunate because, as with the politicization of ID, it tends to obscure the real issues.

On that note, I thank Ed Brayton for pointing to this statement about ID by the Templeton Foundation. I pretty much agree with everything they say. For quite a while here at Telic Thoughts, we've made the distinction between ID the (political and cultural) movement and ID the idea. This is just a guess, but I think that if somebody came to the Templeton Foundation with a solid research proposal for ID (the idea, of course), they would probably get funding. The statement is a pretty clear condemnation of ID the movement and I don't think they've given up on ID the idea. One clue to this is that the statement only talks about biological ID, which has been the most politicized version of ID. The only real politicization that has occurred with cosmological ID has centered around Guillermo Gonzalez and this politicization came from the ID critics. The politicization of biological ID has, unfortunately, mostly been driven by the ID movement, which is why the Templeton Foundation rightly condemned this behavior.



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