Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Even More Intelligent Design Creationism

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published: lundi 20 novembre 2006 23:59:21

I've argued before that historian Ronald Numbers' work on creationism supports the position that ID and creationism are separate ideas.  So when I heard that a new edition of Numbers' book, The Creationists, was coming out that covers ID, I was curious to find out if I interpreted him correctly.  In searching for information about what he says about ID in the new edition, I ran across this interview with Numbers.  In it, he confirms that my reading of him was correct - Numbers sees ID and creationism as two separate ideas:

As a historian, personally I don’t believe in intelligent design at all, but I do think that those people are right in differentiating themselves from scientific creationism, to emphasize what is distinctive about scientific creationism and what is distinctive about intelligent design. Except for the fact that both of them oppose evolution, they have nothing in common.

I think it’s a good ploy, rhetorically, to say, “This is the same thing and we’ve all rejected creation science; so you don’t need to give this a second thought.”

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