Monday, November 06, 2006


Who's the IDiot duplicating content in/from Uncommon Descent and causing the Google problem pointed out by , upsetting ?
Yep, , you got it ;-)
Now, how it comes that an information theorist, an engineer and a journalist are unable to figure this out ?
Easy, the are IDiots!
And they did moderated my comment giving the solution.

O'Leary duplicate almost everything she is posting on the Net, then she writes down:
Well, over to you, Google monster. I’ve heard that the problem might have been caused by some idle fellow who swatches copy from Uncommon Descent, so that he and his friends can fool around with it. But if that kind of thing has tied up Google, then Google has some glitches to fix.
Next thing to come, the fixed problem will arise again, and again...


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