Friday, November 24, 2006

A New Movement Among Us

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published: jeudi 23 novembre 2006 23:12:10

I encourage everyone to download session 9 of the Beyond Belief seminar, as it is very informative. First, you'll see Sam Harris give a rather mundane, anti-religion talk. But then it gets interesting. Next up, is James Woodward. It seems pretty obvious to me that Woodward is disgusted with what he has been watching and felt compelled to throw together a new intro to his talk, where he has to teach the scientists how to do basic science. Then comes Mel Konner, who put together an excellent talk that echoes Woodward and truly spanks Dawkins and Harris.

Of course, I am biased here. Both Woodward and Konner make the same basic point I have been making about Dawkins and his followers for years. Put simply, Dawkins has abandoned science and the scientific approach when it comes to his condemnation of religion and his solution to the Religion Problem. Dawkins and Harris substitute emotionalism, rhetoric, anecdote, and stereotype for science. Yet they posture as Ambassadors of Science.

Then came the discussion, with Woodward and Konner on one side of the table, and Harris and Dawkins on the other side.

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