Saturday, December 23, 2006

He gleefully watched it burn

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published: samedi 23 décembre 2006 19:31:54

I don't care; this is just wrong:

Dover's problems actually started in 2002. Bertha Spahr, chair of Dover High School's science department, began to encounter animosity from Dover residents toward the teaching of evolution. In January 2002, board member Alan Bonsell began pressing for the teaching of creationism. In August, a mural depicting human evolution, painted by a 1998 graduating senior and donated to the science department, disappeared from a science classroom. The four-by-sixteen-foot painting had been propped on a chalkboard tray because custodians refused to mount it on the wall. Spahr learned that the building and grounds supervisor had ordered it burned. In June 2004, board member William Buckingham, Bonsell's co-instigator of the ID policy, told Spahr that he "gleefully watched it burn" because he disliked its portrayal of evolution.

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