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More on Mark A. Farmer, undercover critic

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published: dimanche 3 décembre 2006 23:31:19

A while ago, Larry Caldwell from EN&V wrote about a Mark A. Farmer, who's a biologist at the University of Georgia and an anti-ID activist. Farmer had contacted Quality Science Education for All (where Caldwell is president), pretending to be interested in donating to the organization, and asking Caldwell "whether or not you support the word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ being taught in our public schools." Presumably, Farmer was hoping to get Caldwell to confess of his secret desire to turn the US into a theocracy and have pictures of Adam riding a dinosaur inserted into every American school book.

Now Farmer has posted his reply over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars. It's very long, quite condescending, and doesn't really manage to address Caldwell's post. Caldwell's reply is short and merciless.

If you click on Our Mission on the "Quality Science Education for All" website, this is what you'll see:

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