Monday, December 25, 2006

Thoughts on recent books on the intelligent design controversy: Some ways to spend your holiday cash

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published: lundi 25 décembre 2006 15:53:07

Excerpts from Denyse’s comments on some recent books:

Of course, I have forgotten or omitted lots of worthy titles, but fundamentally it was much easier then [five years ago] than now to rhyme off the key titles you would need to read to really keep up with the ID controversy. Today, you need a library shelving cart and a budget to match.

Publishers who might have avoided the ID controversy in the past do not seem as afraid to touch it any more. … (Note: Lots of dull rants have been published all across the board, but presumably you, gentle reader, are only interested in hearing about books that could conceivably be of interest to a lay public.)

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