Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The "Anti-Science" Scientists

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published: mardi 23 janvier 2007 11:50:44

A quote from Dr. Myers:

Of course everyone compartmentalizes…but that doesn't mean we should simply ignore or excuse those compartments that blatantly contradict observable reality. I'd say that a scientist who believes in elves or perpetual motion machines or the magic properties of energized water is just as anti-science as the one who tries to reconcile the absurdities of Christianity or Wicca or Asatru or Islam with science — but the Christianity problem is more of an epidemic than free energy scams. (emphasis added).

So now we understand why Dr. Myers attacks Ken Miller and Francis Collins: theists who attempt to reconcile their religious faith with science are "anti-science." Perhaps the "pro-science" crowd will soon be coming out a bumper sticker that reads, Real scientists don't believe in God.

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