Sunday, January 21, 2007

Letterbombs to science firms from animal rights terrorists

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published: samedi 20 janvier 2007 22:02:44

From the Oxford Mail:

Two letterbombs have been delivered to science firms in Oxfordshire today. A woman was hurt when a package exploded as she opened the post at Orchid Cellmark, in Blacklands Way, at Abingdon Business Park, at 9.15am. And at 1.45pm police were called to another firm in Culham where another suspicious package was found. … Both packages are being linked to animal rights protesters.

The article also mentions Oxford University, where the construction of an animal testing laboratory has prompted a number of attacks from animal rights terrorists. I'm sure Richard Dawkins, Oxford's resident professor for the public understanding of science, would love to defend his colleagues and educate the public on the necessity of animal testing. Too bad he's busy with his campaign of painting religious parents as child abusers.



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