Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dennett Gushes Over Dawkins

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published: jeudi 18 janvier 2007 4:53:47

In his “review,” Daniel Dennett has much praise (surprise!) for his good friend’s book, The God Delusion. It seems increasingly clear to me that someone like Dennett lives in an Ivory Tower Bubble and does not understand the reality of the streets.

Dennett, as the last member of the Godless Trinity (Dennett-Dawkins-Harris), has acknowledged the propagandistic agenda of the New Atheists. He does so in a section where he fully appreciated the “importance” of Dawkins’s “consciousness-raising” and acknowledges that Dawkins is starting a new “movement” that is “urgently” need in the United States. And the example, among all possible examples, that he chooses to make the point is informative:

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