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For Every 1000 Species That Has Ever Lived…

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published: mardi 9 janvier 2007 6:44:05

Fun facts you should know.

For every 1000 species that has ever lived during the history of our planet, 999 of them became extinct in an evolutionary dead end street (no species descended from them). Estimates range up to 5 billion species that have walked, crawled, swam, flew, rooted, or slimed our planet in the past. About 10 million are alive today and we have names for about 1 million of those. The average lifespan of a species is about 10 million years. Most species enter the fossil record abruptly and disappear abruptly looking mostly the same at both entrance and exit. The next time you’re thinking of how random mutation and natural selection works keep in mind that in the vast majority of cases it keeps a species looking pretty much the same for about 10 million years then kills it without leaving any descendents.

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