Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Indian of the Gaps

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published: mardi 23 janvier 2007 6:05:45

My grandfather hunted arrowheads, and he found them, hundreds of them.  I was awed by his collection, and one of my most prized possessions is a frame containing 48 of his best specimens that I inherited from him.  Nearly two decades after his death that frame is still hanging on the wall in the room where I am typing this post.

Sometimes when I was a kid I went arrowhead hunting with him, but I was not much good at it.  Many times I brought a promising specimen to papa for inspection, only to have him cast it aside and say, “Just a rock boy; shah, shah, shah.”  To this day I don’t know exactly what “shah” means, but from context I gathered he was not being complimentary of my efforts.

But now I’m not so sure my grandfather was playing it straight with me.  You see, my arrowhead hunting adventures came to mind today when I was reading Michael Liccione’s review of John Haught’s new book Is Nature Enough?  Truth and Meaning in the Age of Science in this month’s First Things.  Liccione writes that agency cannot “show up within the layers of scientific explanation,” for to do so would invoke the “rightly dreaded” God of the gaps. 

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