Monday, January 01, 2007

Me, being charitable, again (and a critique)

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published: lundi 1 janvier 2007 3:29:34

I've attempted to be charitable to Dawkins before and I will attempt to do so again. I still think that, on matters of religion, Dawkins is the atheist equivalent of Pat Robertson, BTW. Afterall, the idea that God was angry with the homosexuals and feminists and that is why he allowed 9/11/01 to happen was an attempt to raise the consciousness of the American public. When people hear the word "gay" Robertson wants it to sounds like a fingernail scraping on a blackboard, lest there be more terrorist attacks.

A major question seems to be "Richard, if you think calling a child a 'Christian' child or a 'Muslim' child or indoctrinating a child into one religion is child abuse, why wouldn't you want those things to be illegal?"

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