Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ouch - Talk About Marginalized

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published: mercredi 10 janvier 2007 9:23:12

Over on Panda’s Thumb they’re so desperate for something to talk about that when I ban someone it’s front page news over there. Don’t people like Richard Hoppe have more important things to do with their time like making sure the entries in the tree of life are in the proper order? I guess not. Who I ban and why is more important than evolutionary biology these days. Ouch.

Just for the record, Febble (Elizabeth Liddle) was banned because she claimed to be a scientist yet didn’t have the first clue about how natural selection works to conserve genomic information. She was writing long diatribes about how rm+ns is “intelligent” yet she didn’t understand and couldn’t be made to understand an important and basic bit about how rm+ns operates. I know people like Richard Hoppe don’t care at all about the evolutionary science being accurate at Panda’s Thumb, but I do care that it’s accurate on Uncommon Descent, and when someone displays that much ignorance, can’t be schooled, and is a critic they get the boot.

I’m sure the fresh Doctor Liddle will find a happy home on Panda’s Thumb though. Her claim to fame is writing articles for left wing blogs about how the Republicans steal elections by voter fraud in the United States. That’s right up your alley - ID is so well refuted by stories of election fraud.

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