Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Steve Reuland Slays a Straw Man

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published: mercredi 10 janvier 2007 8:57:20

Over on Panda’s Thumb Steve Reuland uses Darwinian methodology to dispute the notion that medical doctors tend to accept ID in greater percentage than scientists in general. So what’s the first thing ole Steverino does to make his case? Why, he trots out a strawman - ID and “evolution” are mutually exclusive.

Here’s a clue for Stevie. You can accept ID, descent with modification from a common ancestor, and a 4 billion year-old earth all at the same time. Not all IDists do but many of us do including me. What you can’t accept if you accept ID is that random mutation filtered by natural selection turned mud into man or bacteria into baboons. Got that? Write that down. I know you won’t though because your arguments only work against strawmen. Pathetic. And you wonder why I treat you people with such scorn. Intellectual dishonesty like you display makes me ill.

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