Friday, January 19, 2007

US Leads in ID Belief, Trails in Astrology Belief

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published: vendredi 19 janvier 2007 3:40:28

I read this Huffington post which notes that the U.S. leads Europe by quite a margin in those who reject orthodox evolution as scientific fact. They go on to an unsupported conclusion that this means the U.S. must be trailing in scientific and engineering accomplishments. Au contraire, mon ami, au contraire!

Curious, I did a little research and found this interesting tidbit. Twice the percentage of Europeans believe astrology is scientific (55%) as Americans (25%).

Furthermore, Americans score essentially equal or much higher than Eurupeans in answering questions about science correctly with the sole exception of “humans evolved from animals”. The funny thing is that Americans might be right and the test is wrong in that regard as it’s nowhere near proven that humans evolved by chance from animals - after all, Americans get more right answers everywhere else.

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