Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How Important Was Pandas?

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published: mercredi 8 novembre 2006 4:30:44

In the comments section, one of our critics is arguing that the book Of Pandas And People (of Dover fame) demonstrates that Creationism and Intelligent Design are the same thing, meaning, I suppose, that all ID proponents are Creationists.

I have been arguing about this topic on the Internet for years. For example, over at the ARN forum, I contributed 5000+ postings from 2000-2005. During all this time as I participated and watched, I can't recall a single case where an ID proponent held up Pandas as a source to support an argument or even cited some argument from it. It may have happened now and then, but it certainly was never a major factor as far as I can tell. The same was true on the ISCID's forum, Brainstorms, where I participated for about a year.

I maintain that this book has been largely irrelevant to the ID debate over the years. But maybe I am wrong. So I am curious and would like to ask some questions to our readers who consider themselves to be supportive of ID or sympathetic to ID.

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