Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dumb as a Bag of Hammers

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published: lundi 18 décembre 2006 23:21:31

In most if not all of the comments from the anti-ID crowd they focus on the farting sounds or what Judge Jones is actually saying. They entirely miss the point being made. The point is that what the judge is saying aren’t his own words. They’re the words he was given by the people pulling his string. In other words, he’s nothing but a talking doll mindlessly repeating verbiage supplied by others. Either the loyal opposition are all as dumb as a bag of hammers or they are purposely ignoring the point made by the satire. I’d guess more or less some of both on a case by case basis. The interesting thing is that none are acknowledging the point either because they don’t get the point or they are afraid of acknowledging the point because it’s irrefutable and damaging to their cause.

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