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PZ Myers, the Infinitely Outraged

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published: mardi 2 janvier 2007 20:41:19

In Douglas Adams' cult-classic, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a character named Wowbagger, the Infinitely Prolonged occurs. Wowbagger is immortal, and to pass time he has decided to insult everybody in the universe. One person at a time. In alphabetical order.

PZ Myers seems to have a similar plan: To alienate anyone who has a slightly different opinion from himself. The latest victim is Ronald Numbers. As a historian of science, Numbers has written the authorative The Creationists, which gives a critical account of the history of creationism, though without demonizing its proponents. But this does not protect him from the wrath of the Myers, who calls him "another tool of the religious establishment". Numbers' crime is that he thinks that Richard Dawkins, the British zoologist who calls a religious upbringing child abuse and compares it to knocking out childrens' teeth, is "radical". Myers will have none of that:

There is nothing radical about rejecting religion. It's a sensible, ordinary, quite simple process; Numbers is simply damning atheists with his labels.

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